Concept development is a primary part of our unit. I will prepare a social context where STUDENT explanations will be validated by observation and rational argument to decide upon the simplest, most widely applicable explanation.


Tue, Jun 25, 2013



The language students and I use convey understanding, or misunderstanding is key. My task is to help students see and express for themselves accurate conceptual frameworks of fundamental physics constructs: instant, instantaneous, position, velocity, and acceleration.


The science of thinking and IPS informs my teaching practice to be slower and more student-activated. I will change my teaching practice to include more processing instruction without STM overload.

(David Hestenes)


My students' real understanding of physics content relies on operational nature of their knowledge. What can they do with the content? Is their knowledge reversible, to apply to new situations?



Intellectual activity is a key factor in determining my students' grasp of the underlying physics principles on a functional level. My practice will promote my students' mental engagement and exercise.


A new day.



I am really excited to start a new journey of reflection through my teaching practice. I welcome you on board as I seek to find the way of teaching that is most congruent with who I am.


    Herein contains the thoughts that are guiding my vocation. Welcome to my teaching blog.


    June 2013